Sunday, February 28, 2010

This close to another miracle

On any given day, I would boo when Ryan Miller takes the ice and cheer wildly when Sidney Crosby scores an overtime goal.  Especially a sweet one under the pads of a goalie.  But not today.  Today it was a lot different.  The gold medal match of the 2010 Winter Olympics was exciting, fast paced and heartbreaking.  I never expected Team U.S.A. to advance to the gold medal round, especially in the face of such teams as Team Canada and Team Russia, but when they beat Canada in the preliminary round, I thought they might have a good chance for a medal, certainly not gold.  My hopes dwindled more and more as the minutes of the gold medal match ticked away.  The U.S. trailed until the final 25 seconds of regulation time.  Zach Parise tied it up with an awesome goal.  My entire house went crazy.  Even Katie was screaming.  But then 7 minutes and 40 seconds into overtime, Sid pulled another clutch goal.  It was disappointing to see the U.S. get so close and miss the gold.  But we will take home silver and the U.S. team played well beyond my expectations.  Good Job guys!

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