Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost – What Kate Does

First let me say that if you haven't watched the 02.09.2010 episode, then you may not want to read any further. Tonight's episode was Kate-centric, following her "new" timeline, i.e. where the plane lands in LAX and she steals the cab, etc. The new timeline certainly has some interesting twists and turns, but I have don't have any new theories on where it is going yet.

My focus tonight was on Dogan and what happened to Sayid. Who is the new guy? Is he like Richard, it seems like he has been there for a while. Is he the Head Priest of the Church of Jacob?

Here are the facts we know (haha I said "know"):

  • Dogan is the leader of the Templites
  • The Templites guard some type of Fountain of Youth that can heal wounds
  • The Fountain isn't working like it should
  • Dogan believes that Sayid is "claimed" and needs to be poisoned
  • Dogan and the Templites are protecting themselves from the Smoke Monster
Of course, I don't know what any of that means, but I am still sticking with my Jacob = Lucifer, MIB = Michael theory. If Dogan believes that Sayid has been "claimed," then it could be the same sort of possession that Locke is currently under. Just like MIB is using Locke's image, maybe now it is Jacob possessing Sayid. Dogan mentioned that it is an evil that will grow inside him, and that the same thing happened to Claire, who we saw at the end sporting a Danielle-like hairdo and running around the jungle armed and setting traps. Maybe the same thing happened to Christian Sheppard when 815 crashed the first time. I think this supports my theory a little more. And why was the Smoke Monster in the temple when Danielle's crew arrived? Were the Templites there at the same time, and if they were, why did they not mind the Smoke Monster then?

After watching LA X Part 2 again tonight, I noticed two additional things that I thought added credibility to my theory that I didn't add to my previous Lost post. When the Not Locke/MIB was describing to Ben how the Real Locke felt at the time of his death, it sounded to me like he believed Locke's death was a good thing, that it released him from the pain and suffering that he had carried with him his entire life. He said that Locke did not want to leave the island and go home, once he attained "Eden," he didn't want to return. The Not Locke also mentioned that his ultimate goal was to "go home." If I apply it to the theory, then the Archangel Michael, having had Lucifer killed, could now return to heaven and leave his post of watching over earth and humanity.

I am also considering a different theory that Jacob and MIB are actually Cain and Abel (yet another religious reference). Cain slew Abel in a fit of jealousy, because Abel had God's favor. Cain was cursed by God to leave Eden and was forced to wander the Earth, bearing a mark so no man would kill him. Abel, being considered the first martyr, was then chosen to pass judgment on the dead (possibly another tie to Anubis). I have to give this one some more thought…

It's funny that my 8 years of Catholic school may finally be paying off.

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