Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lost: Season 6

Well, the end is close.  The sixth and final season of Lost started Tuesday night with a bang.  I have been waiting almost 9 months for this and I was not disappointed.  I am not going to bore you with a synopsis of the 2 hour episode.  But I want to jot down a few of the theories that I have.

Jacob as Lucifer
I am beginning to think more and more that the Man in the Black Shirt or the Not Jacob or... whatever his name is, is actually the "good" guy.  The reasons I believe this are the allusions to Lucifer.  Lucifer, meaning "light bearer", was chief among the archangels, the most high and most beautiful of the angels.  He was cast from heaven for his pride and his refusal to bow to Adam.  Lucifer vows to poison the earth and the sons of man.  He uses lies and deceit to con man into sin.  In Lost, Jacob is portrayed as the fair skinned, fair haired one, while the man in the black shirt is dark and rough.  Jacob is handsome and charismatic while the MIB is surly and angry.  Jacob comes to signify a "light" in everyone's lives, a direction to follow.

Jacob's influence in the lives of the main characters suggests that his intentions may not be that good at all.  Jacob "touches" all of the main characters' lives in such a way to bring them all to the Island, but also look at how and when he does it.  For Kate, he rescues her when she is young, paying for a stolen lunch box.  Does this tell Kate that crime is ok, as long as she can get away with it?  He meets Sawyer at a young age, at the funeral of his parents.  He lets Sawyer have a pen that he uses to write the letter to the man that caused his parents' death.  Does this help fuel Sawyer's thirst for revenge, instead of letting go and maybe having a different life?  He comes to Locke when he is at death's door, finally rid of all of his problems and the hard luck he had his entire life.  But Jacob "touches" him and brings him back, to continue to seek out his father, and sustains his string of hardships.  The most awful was when he distracts Sayid, allowing Nadia to be hit by the car.

In the final episode of season 5, Jacob says a few things that lead me to believe his intentions are not "good".  The man in the black shirt says to Jacob, "They come.  They fight.  They destroy.  They corrupt.  It always ends the same."  Jacob responds "It only ends once, anything that happens before that is progress."  Is this a reference to Judgement Day, the end of times, when Lucifer/Satan can finally finish his sentence on earth?  Does Jacob want the destruction and corruption?    

The Man in the Black Shirt as the Archangel Michael

Maybe the man in the black shirt is actually the Archangel Michael, who is described in the bible and other works, as the commander of the Lord's army, the viceroy of Heaven, which happens to be Lucifer's former position.  Michael is the sometimes portrayed as the sword of God and the angel of destruction, maybe that is why the MIB sometimes appears as the smoke monster.  Maybe the loophole that "Michael" talks of, is away to end Lucifer/Jacob's scourge of humanity?  Michael is considered the patron of humanity, being the first of the angels to bow to Adam, keeping a watchful eye over Adam and Eve after their expulsion from Eden.  Michael may patiently bide his time, watching over Jacob/Lucifer, to protect humanity from his plots.

And I just can't reconcile the fact that Locke, even in death, is a bad guy.  It just seems that after everything that has happened, it would be horrible to make the zombie/MIB Locke turn out to the be the evil doer.  And to top that off, after all of the things the "Others" have done, the kidnapping of Walt, the murder of countless others, the torture and torment of the survivors, we now believe them to the be the good guys?

Anyway, that's all I have for now.  I am sure after the next episode I can add some more.

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