I am thirty-something husband and father of three children and one dog.  By day and by night, I play the part of  a manager of application development for a large corporation.  In between those times, I struggle at assisting in raising my kids, making meals, and puttering around the house.  I work from home mostly, so I now get the benefit of seeing my family, which wasn't always the case.  I sometimes wonder how I ever got talked into fatherhood and then I wonder how anyone could go without kids in their life.  In the posts in this blog, you will probably see me dwell on the negatives, but honestly, I don't want them to ever grow up and stray away from me.   

At other times, I am a DIY'er and home improvement attempter.  I abhor not having a project to do, whether at work or home.  So if I don't have anything on the Honey-Do list, which is rare, I make something up.  Previous projects include a composite wood deck, a home office, and an arbor.  My most recent incomplete project is my full-size R2-D2 model.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am a nerd. I am an avid reader and I love movies.  My OCD forbids me from watching movie adaptations before I read the original novel.  It also stops me from lending out books or movies that I own, so don't ask.  I still regret the books lost to friends and family (Starship Troopers, American Psycho, Preludes and Nocturnes).

My work is mostly in the .Net stack but I never get to do any real coding anymore.  My job is to sit in meetings and conference calls and answer questions, when I am not fixing something that is broken.  On the rare occasion that I actually get to touch Visual Studio, it is usually to write something that either generates a file or reads a file and does something with the data.

This is my life and I hope to share some of the comedy and tragedy of it all.