Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lost: The Lighthouse

I think my theory is dead in the water.  I can no longer see Not Locke/Smokey as the good guy.  I still don’t know what he is recruiting for, my guess it is just an army of supporters to help take the temple.  There must be something in there that Smokey needs in order to leave the Island.  Looking back through past episodes, it appears that Smokey may have “infected” Danielle as well, since she has shown similar behavior as the Evil Claire.  I don’t think that Smokey can possess bodies that have been killed on the island.  There have been plenty of them, too many to enumerate.  He may have possessed Christian Shephard when his body landed on the island and was subsequently never found. 
There was much more talk of the “candidates.”  There is a candidate #108, that is not currently on the island, but is on his/her way.  We haven’t seen his/her name yet, and probably won’t until that person shows up.  My guess it will be a returning character, possibly Walt (I would love to know what gave him special powers and if it was related to the island) or Aaron (possibly his grandmother is flying him home to Australia).  I think all of the other characters that have left the island are dead: Desmond, Whidmore, Michael.  We also got a little peak that Austin (Kate) is candidate #51 when Jack and Hurley were at the lighthouse.
Instead of coming up with a new theory, I wanted to take a more general approach and try to determine what the overall theme of the “answers” will be or under what context the answers will appear.  Here are the possibilities I see.  (Please note that I may throw in some baby theories to try to provide an example of what I mean)
  • Religious – something similar to my Lucifer theory.  I really don’t see how they can end the show with some heavenly ascension or hell-bound descent.  It’s still possible but I think it really is unlikely.  I would really like it to go in this direction because it would be completely new concept for TV.
  • Scientific – where are all of the answers can be explained by science or pseudo-science.  The entire Darma initiative, the research, etc. play heavily to this theme, but with all of the dead coming back to life, and demonic-like possession, I don’t think the answers will be scientific ones.
  • Science Fiction – this takes a much more liberal approach to the Scientific theme.  I could imagine the “answers” to be something like – Jacob and Smokey are actually aliens sent to protect the planet which they do from their island.  One views it as his mission to find someone to replace them, the other just wants off this rock and to return home.  They could explain all of the weird technology, time travel, teleportation, etc.  I find this could possibly be a potential ending to this story.  It may be a little cliché, especially for those of us that have read hundreds of books and seen dozens of movies that have similar themes.
  • Preternatural/Paranormal -  this is similar to the religious, but removing some higher being(s).  Jacob and Smokey are Earthly, but more human that human.  I haven’t put much thought into this one yet.  Maybe after next week I can add more to it.
Well, it is getting late.  Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to comment (I would like to know who you think Jack’s baby’s momma is).  I have a couple more posts in the pipeline concerning a bunch of movies I just saw.
I’m on a horse.

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