Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lost: The Last Recruit

This is a week late.  Since Lost is a re-run this week, I thought it I could get my fix by finishing this post I started a week ago but never got to publish.

First thing is first.  Who else thought Jin’s head was going to explode when he ran to Sun at the sonic fence?  I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  This is highly possible with my current fitness level.  I think I actually said, “No, No, NO!” out loud. 

Last week’s episode of Lost didn’t feel like a real episode.  I think it was more staging the events for the last four episodes of the season (I can’t believe there are only four episodes left), but I don’t think it really advanced the story line any. 

We saw that Desmond was still alive after being tossed down the well, but Sayid was sent to kill him.  We never got to see if it really happened or not, but I don’t think they would really kill Desmond off screen.  We learned that the ghost of Christian Sheppard might have been the MIB in another stolen body, at least that is what MIB said.  Not Locke was using this as a way to win Jack over to the dark side.

In the LA-verse, Desmond continues on doing his Mr. Roarke, or crazy Scottish stalker dude, thing, getting Claire, Jack, and Ilana together.  It also seems like Sun had a little flash of the Island-verse when she saw Locke on the stretcher.  The little scene with Sawyer and Kate in the LA-verse didn’t make much sense to me.  I thought it would have been better if Sawyer had hidden a handcuff key in Kate’s apple and we could have watched her disappear when he was talking to Miles.  Neither of them seemed to make the “connection” to the Island-verse side.  Maybe that won’t happen for Sawyer until he meets Juliet, if it ever happens. 

I wonder what the plan is once everyone realizes that there is something going on.  What will they have to do to reverse the explosion of the Swan site?  Board a plane and fly over the submerged island, visit it by submarine, hold a séance and break out the Ouija board?  I think it will have something to do with Daniel Whidmore/Farraday and subjecting them all to an EMP that will some how coincide with some event on the Island side.

Seeing Ab Aeterno and Nestor Carbonell’s amazing performance again this week was nice.  I wonder if they decided to show this particular episode to get everyone back in the religious/spiritual mode for the last four episodes, to swing everyone away from the scientific and back to the Jacob vs. MIB – Good vs. Evil story line.

I would write more, but this week has been hell.

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