Friday, June 25, 2010

Twenty-five = Eight + One

Today is a big day for our household.  Yes, that’s right, it is six months until Christmas.  And yes, it is only eight days away from me seeing Faith No More at the Mann in Philly.  And yes, it marks one year since that child molester died of an overdose, may he rot in hell and his music be banned from the airwaves.  But more important than all of those things, it’s the birthday of two of my kids.  We don’t have twins, but we do have two kids born on the same day, seven years apart.  My oldest son turns eight and my daughter celebrates her first birthday.

We didn’t plan it this way, it just happened.  In fact, we really didn’t want it to happen that way at all.  It was the one day that we didn’t want our little girl arrive, but she chose that day to come anyway.  But it figures our child in utero would listen to us just as well as the two on the outside. 

The birth of each of our children was an exciting time.  For our first child, I was working in Delaware, about 42 miles from home when my wife called to inform me that her water broke.  I quickly packed up my gear and said a hasty goodbye to my coworkers as I sped out the door.  I think I made it from my office to the driveway of the house in just under 45 minutes.  I don’t remember any of the drive home, probably because it flew by in a blur.  I got my wife loaded into the car and headed to the hospital.  I don’t think she was nearly as nervous as I was.  She seemed calm and collected.  She was in labor a long time and didn’t deliver until 12:12 AM ET on 06/25/2002.  The nurse was complaining because she had all of the paperwork written up for him to be born on 06/24.

Our second son decided to come when I was at work, too.  I don’t think I made it home as fast this time because my wife was only being sent to the hospital for evaluation.  The nurse hooked all of the monitors up as soon as we arrived at the hospital and left us alone for about 30 minutes.  She came back in to check up on us and asked my wife if she knew she was having contractions.  My wife said that she thought she was but they seemed small.  He arrived a few hours after that, right in the middle of the Friends final episode.

Our little girl decided to sneak in.  I had just gotten done working for the evening, and sat down to play a little Call Of Duty: World at War with a friend and my wife appeared at the top of the basement steps.  “My water just broke.”  It was 12:14 AM ET.  We woke up the kids and wished my son a happy birthday.  We told him he was getting a very special gift, his baby sister decided she wanted to come on his birthday.  I was talking my time making sure everything was ready to go, making all of the phone calls, etc. but my wife was in a panic.  This was really different from the previous two, she wanted to be at the hospital as soon as possible, she was afraid she was going to deliver in the minivan on the way there.  So I popped on my racing hat, and was pulling a little under 100 MPH in our minivan on the highway.  I also got to go through some red lights.  I wasn’t going to do it, but my wife said “Just go already!”  I just nodded, looked both ways and floored it.  Our daughter arrived at 6:54 AM ET, about 6 hours after stepping into the hospital.

This weekend, we are having our first sleep-over birthday party.  If you don’t hear from me after this, it is because I will be recovering in a padded room in the nearest mental institution.  I already have a few nice ones picked out and I am downloading the admissions paperwork now.  It shouldn’t be that bad, we are only having three other boys here.  We will keep them locked safely away in the basement watching movies and playing games.  The nitrous tanks are filled and ready to be vented in if things get too rowdy.  My wife and I also have matching His and Her riot gear picked out if we have to invade the basement for any reason.


  1. I cant believe you ruined a wonderful post of your children with lies about MJ.. You are crazy..Enjoy the weekend...

  2. I don't know about you, but when I think about my kids, I feel safer knowing another child molester is dead. Even Oprah said you can't get past the fact that he was accused of it.