Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Open Letter To Turkey Hill

It has been a year since we first tasted Double Dunker.  It has been a year since we first experienced this wonder of frozen confections.  By the time we realized that this was the best ice cream ever created, it was gone.  Only six quarts and they disappeared so quickly.  We love your other flavors, Peaches ‘N Cream, Black Raspberry, Choco Mint Chip, Cookies ‘N Cream and so many others.  But no other ice cream even comes close to Double Dunker.  It feels like every spoonful of another ice cream is dishonoring the memory of Double Dunker, an act of unfaithfulness to our love for your chocolate cookie swirl and your creamy mocha goodness.  Eating ice cream is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but you have spoiled our taste buds.  You have left them wanting for something they can never again have.  We will continue to eat your other ice creams and drink your iced teas, but please, we implore you, Turkey Hill, to bring this back to us, bring back Double Dunker.  Fill this empty hole beneath our hearts once again.  Give our taste buds something to live for.

Ok, enough with the silliness.  In all honesty, Double Dunker is the best ice cream I have ever eaten, I think my wife and kids would agree as well.  I don’t even like mocha ice cream, but this was an exception.  It tasted like dunking a chocolate chip and Oreo cookie into a cup of coffee at the same time (hence the name).  They got the flavor exactly right.  I understood that it was a “limited edition”, but had I known that it would be gone so quickly, I would have stockpiled more.  We actually drove from our home in Maryland up through Lancaster and Chester Counties, PA, stopping at every Turkey Hill convenience store along the way to see if they had any left.  Of course, that wasn’t the purpose of the trip, but since we were there, we might as well stop and check. 

I grew up in Pennsylvania and had the benefit of living close to a Turkey Hill Minit Market.  I stopped in every morning before work to pick up a half gallon of their iced tea when I worked at the golf course.  I was extremely happy when a Redners Market opened up close to our home in Maryland and I saw that they carried Turkey Hill ice cream and iced tea.  I had actually forgotten how much I enjoyed their iced tea.  Their Green Tea Mango is my current favorite.

Help me support our cause to bring Double Dunker back.  Tweet “@TurkeyHillDairy – please bring back Double Dunker” or contact Turkey Hill on their contact page.  If you do, please be polite, I don’t want them to get pissed at me and never bring it back.


  1. Crisis King-
    I work with Turkey Hill Dairy and noticed your post. Double Dunker is still available as part of our Stuff'd line. (I'm a HUGE fan of the flavor). You can find out more at

    Check out our blog!

  2. I just polished off my first half gallon of Double Dunker. It is the most addictive ice cream I've had EVER.