Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Upcoming Projects

Spring is quickly approaching, it is only a week away.  My mind is whirling with the number of things that I need, want and/or have been told to get accomplished this spring and summer.  I have said before that I love doing projects and I actually hate it when I don’t have something to do.  This winter was especially rough on me.  Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was having the new baby, but I didn’t get to work on stuff as much as I was hoping.  To be completely honest, there was more than one weekend when I just didn’t have the energy to start something new or brave the cold garage to resurrect something unfinished.
With spring comes new life and maybe it will bring a renewed energy that laid dormant over the past several months.  I hope to write about these projects as I work on them.  And I would like to hear what you are working on.  I am NOT a master craftsman, carpenter or a master of anything.  I just like to create things (hence 3 kids and being a software developer).  I sit back at the end of a project and say “I did that, with my own hands.”  Sometimes it is not even close to being perfect, sometimes it could have been done cheaper or quicker by a professional, sometimes it wasn’t necessary to do at all.  But it is mine, it has my name on it.
Here is my list of upcoming projects (in no particular order):
  • Fix the truck (power steering done gone and broke itself)
  • Fix the tractor (she ain’t hauling like she use ta)
  • Finish R2-D2 (skin, detail and dome are still waiting to be completed)
  • Raised garden (building a 20’ by 10’ bed for veggies and such)
  • Composter (building a two stage compost bin)
  • Replace broken split rail sections (there is a 50’ run of my fence that needs to be replaced)
  • Remove tree stumps (get a stump grinder and do some shreddin’)
  • More garage organization (there is too much crap in there and I need to find a way to at least store seasonal stuff out of the way)
  • More basement organization (the basement has started to catch garage overflow and that cannot happen)
  • Stone patio off the deck (I am not sure if this is really something I want to tackle myself)
  • Attic insulation (I have someone already picked out to do this.  I’ll pimp their services as soon as I can remember their website address)


  1. You forgot re-landscaping out front. =)

  2. Maybe I should have let you proofread this one before I posted it. I guess with the re-landscaping, you can also include the redesign of the front porch too.

  3. Yet again I’m amazed at the similarities in our lives. Here’s my list:
    1. Paint garage door trim
    2. Replaced cracked downspout on front porch
    3. Adjust fence gates so they can be latched closed
    4. Paint stairwell leading to basement and replace handrail
    5. Caulk around master bathroom bathtub
    6. Seal vent fan in hall bathroom
    7. Remote three tree stumps
    8. Install brick walkway between front porch and driveway
    9. Clean out dryer vent line (between wall and roof)
    10. Add about 4 inches of blown in insulation to attic
    11. Redo Jakes room (remove wall paper and paint)
    12. Paint basement walls
    13. Remove stars from ceiling in office and paint
    14. Replace window screens
    15. Clean out garage
    16. Seal driveway
    17. Fix “nail pops” thought the house
    18. Change oil in garden tractor

  4. @Drew - let me know how they work out for you. I actually found a few things on your list (garage door trim, vent fans, dryer vent) that didn't make it to my list, but should have. Thanks for that, my wife will be so pleased to see more things for me to do.