Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost: The Package

Desmond is the package!  Is Desmond, the Package, the secret weapon to fight the Man in Black?  How does Widmore know so much about the island and the Man in Black?  What has he and Eloise been cooking up state-side in all of those years since leaving the island? 

Desmond is an anomaly on Lost.  He is the only character that I know to be drawn to the island alone.  He was not part of the Dharma initiative.  He was not an “Other.”  He was not on the Black Rock.  He was not on Oceanic 815.  He came by himself on a sailboat.  He life does intersect with other characters, Jack, Charles Widmore, Eloise, Libby, etc., but his “drawing” to the island is different from everyone else.  Both Widmore and Eloise both push Desmond to towards the island on a few different occasions, but we are never given a reason why (shocker) and there has not been any interaction between Desmond and either Jacob or the MIB.

Desmond was one of the four Islanders to not return to the island.  Walt, Aaron and Ji Yeon (although unborn while on the island, I still think she counts) are the others.  Everyone else that has been to the island is either dead or still there and some are even dead and they still came back.

Desmond also caused two significant events to occur on the island.  He inadvertently caused the electromagnetic event that caused 815 to crash and through direct choice, he caused the massive explosion that destroyed the Swan site.

When Martin Keamy and crew first appeared on the island, Desmond thought he was going crazy.  Desmond’s mind kept traveling back and forth in time, along his own timeline.  He imagined himself still in the Royal Scots Regiment 8 years before the plane crashed on the island.  Daniel Faraday explained that the trips through time would become longer and longer, growing longer exponentially, until Desmond would lose his grasp on reality and die.  He told Desmond that he needed a constant, something or someone that he truly cared about, to latch on to, to stop this from happening.  Desmond chose Penny.  And later, Daniel chose Desmond to be his own constant.

Desmond dreamed of future and past events on many occasions.  Saving Charlie’s life, the woman parachuting onto the island and when he dreamed of finding Eloise and helping to recruit all of the Oceanic 6 back to the island.  At that time, Eloise warned him that “the island was not done with him yet.”  Jacob did say that someone was coming to the island, it might be Desmond that he was referring to. 

Is Desmond different from the rest of the characters?  He doesn’t seem to be affected by time the way the rest of the other characters are.  I have read several theories suggesting that Desmond is special, but no one has yet to determine why.

So how does Desmond fit in with what is going on?  Not a clue.  Why is he a secret weapon against MIB?  I don’t know.  Am I happy to see him back on the island?  Yes I am.  Why have I spent over 450 words talking about only 10 seconds of last night’s episode?  Because I think it is much more important than Sun forgetting how to speak English.

I guess I should mention something about the other events in the episode.  I don’t think MIB could do anything with Sun once she knocked herself out.  I don’t think he is can force anyone to do anything, they have to choose to do it of their own free will.  MIB mentioned that everyone, including the candidates had to leave the island in order for his plan to work.  Maybe that is why the Oceanic 6 (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Sayid, and Aaron) had to come back to the island, since they were all Jacob’s candidates.  I think Kate is a candidate, I swear I saw her name written on the wall of the cave.

That’s all I have for tonight.  Let me know your theories and comments.

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