Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost: What They Died For

It took six years but Lost finally pissed me off.  I can now see what all of the haters are talking about.  After tonight's episode, I don't think I can watch it anymore.  It wasn't just one thing, there were two incidents that brought about my anger, that caused me to see right though this show and see it as the sham it really is. 

The first thing - who in the hell keeps their milk in a glass pitcher?  Every normal person in the world keeps their damn milk in the damn carton or plastic jug it came in.  Who in the hell are they trying to impress at breakfast that their milk needs to be in a big glass pitcher?  This show is so lame.

The second thing, the one that pushed me over the edge, also involved Jack.  How can he call himself a surgeon, how can he be a real doctor when he stitched up Kate that way?  How could he stitch her up with that small area to work with.  A real doctor would have had her take her shirt off.  A real doctor would have ripped her shirt off Hulk Hogan style to have some room to work.  At least that’s what I would have done. 

Just kidding.  There is no way I could hate this show.  I am sure Sunday night I will have some doubts and unanswered questions, but I doubt that I will ever have any serious complaints, other than it being over and not having anything else to occupy my TV time.

In tonight’s episode Jacob finally comes through and explains why he picked everyone and we finally got to see who will fill his shoes.  Something about the way he said “for as long as you can” made me think that Jack might not be in his new role for very long.  I think there might be another protector waiting in the end.  I think that new protector could be Ben.  I was shocked to see Ben switch back to the old Ben so easily.  But Ben doesn’t do anything without a Ben plan.  I don’t think he bought MIB’s promise of keeping the island all to himself once MIB was free from it.  Especially after Not Locke said he wants Desmond to destroy it.  But my theories have all proved pretty worthless.

What is going to happen at the concert?  Desmond needs all of his Oceanic buddies there for some reason.  Will Daniel Faraday/Whidmore save the day?  Will he cause some cataclysmic electromagnetic event that will bring the Island-verse and LA-verse in alignment?  I guess we only have a few days to find out.

What are you plans for the big day?  My kids are really excited.  On Sunday, I started to hype them up for the event. 

“Next week at this time, we will have eaten an early dinner.”

“Next week at this time, you guys will have had your showers and have your pajamas on.”

“Next week at this time, you will get to try a very special drink, called Sleepy Juice – made with warm milk (out of the DAMN plastic jug – I am not a glass pitcher poseur) and a dose of Benadryl.”

“Next week at this time, you will be fast asleep and Mommy and Daddy will be watching four and half hours of Lost.”

I really don’t know how it is all going to work out.  There are still some many questions.  Will we find out the significance of the numbers?  Will they be able to stop the Man in Black and save the island?  Will we ever find out his real name?  Will the survivors get to go home?  Who will end up protecting the island?  Will Kate really look as hot as I hope she does in that little black dress?

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