Sunday, May 16, 2010

He Shall Be Known as 6

My 5 YO shall henceforth be known as my 6 YO.  His real birthday was ten days ago, but his big party was today, so to him he wasn’t officially 6 until he was surrounded by eleven kids screaming happy birthday.  That works for me and I am sure there are a few people out there that would agree with that logic as well.  Who wouldn’t want to delay or even skip getting a year older if there wasn’t a party to mark the event. 

We had the party at one of those places with all of the inflatable slides and moon bounces and obstacle courses.  The kids had a great time and I had a pretty good time too.  I acted like one of the kids and tried out a little of every thing.  I even held a little how-to session in one of the moon bounces on doing front and back flips.  I called it quits after a few of each when I under rotated a front flip and rattled my teeth and jarred my spine.  Maybe I should start skipping birthdays too, this old age stuff is beginning to hurt too much.

I had one of those proud geek/father moments when I passed by the 12 kids all sitting down to engorge themselves on pizza and chips and soda.  I overheard this snippet of conversation.

Little Girl: “Don’t drink your soda so fast, your belly will explode.”

My 6 YO: “That’s totally BUSTED, your stomach would not explode.”

My 7 YO: “Yeah, you would burp first and release the gas.”

6 YO and 7 YO together: “Busted.”

I had to step out of the room because I was getting all misty.  My two boys, ahem, men, busting urban myths before my very eyes.  I have been catching them using “plausible” and “confirmed” in conversations for the past few weeks and their eyes lit up a little yesterday when I broke out the duct tape to try to seal up the top of the heavy bag.

We are planning our own Mythbuster-esque experiment this summer when the weather gets a little warmer.  We are going to test out the non-Newtonian properties of a corn starch and water solution.  The only problem so far is trying to score a 100 pounds or more of corn starch or enough to fill a turtle shaped plastic sandbox (shh, don’t tell my wife that we are planning this, she has forgotten all about the sandbox I have hidden in the shed).  If anyone out there knows where I can get that much corn starch, let me know and I will teach you how to walk on water.  Of course we are going to start small scale and build up to the main event once we get the proper water to corn starch ratio right.

Bustin’ Myths and Getting Older (my 6 YO is the one drenched in sweat with the little red arrow above his head):

Happy Birthday big guy!

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